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The Alchemy through Ayurveda Course is led by celebrated author, master spiritual teacher and Vedic scholar, Acharya Shunya. Click the "Get This Course" button to gain access to the free 3-part course introduction.

As a result of the Alchemy through Ayurveda Course, you'll be able to:

  • Build your own health-manifesting lifestyle under Acharya Shunya's step-by-step guidance

  • Follow a time-tested map of Ayurvedic seasonal eating and lifestyle strategies

  • Boost your digestion with simple shifts in your current eating habits and diets

  • Deepen your knowledge of immunity-boosting Ayurvedic superfoods, spices, herbs, flowers that you can grow

  • Finally get great sleep at night

  • Develop a healthy and balanced sexual life

  • Enhance and protect your fertility (if you so desire)

  • Explore Ayurveda-inspired yoga practices and yoga philosophy

  • Understand Ayurveda's fundamental principles and spiritual practices

  • Receive exclusive access to skin-transforming beauty recipes, as well as easy-to-cook and delicious Ayurvedic recipes (not found in Acharya Shunya's book, Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom)

  • Apply Ayurvedic psychology teachings for healthier relationships

  • Communicate in a way that makes you more successful in your relationships

  • Begin cultivating a relationship with your own Soul for ultimate well-being

  • Enjoy spiritual contemplations and meditations to support your healthy lifestyle

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  • Part 1: The Holistic Dimensions of Ayurveda
  • Part 2: The Awakening Health Model
  • Part 3: The Importance of Re-Enlivening Ayurveda
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed